Get to know the competitors participating in this year’s Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.



Fashion that makes a statement about inspiring women.

Victoria Bedoy
Civic Organizations/Community Activism


The Abled tagline says it all: disability is not inability. The app gives hope and help to individuals with physical or mental disabilities, making it easier to find job opportunities.

Carmen Ochoa
Home & Garden


A housing locator service that helps build strong communities for African-American families.

Jordan Smith-Johnson
2019 Regional Finalist, 2019 National Qualifier

Afrospanic Atmosphere

A lifestyle brand celebrating the contributions of Latinx and African-American individuals in STEAM disciplines.

Nayla Nava
Maya McGregory
Computers & Internet Services

AMP Premium Charging Stations

Custom solutions for restaurants and other businesses that want to provide wireless charging stations for their customers.

Arti Shala
2019 Regional Finalist
Computers & Internet Services


An app that provides deaf interpretation to users where and when they need it most.

Tyvon ClarkJankani Masi
2019 Regional Finalist
Home & Garden

Aquatic Purifying

A water cleaning and filtering service that will contribute to the cleanup of bays and beaches.

Ty ChouffetMalayah FandinoEric Galvan
Home & Garden


You've seen vacuum cleaning robots for the house. What if you could get that for your lawn?

James Slate
Computers & Internet Services

Awaken Alarm Clock

A very unique travel alarm clock that does double duty as a bluetooth speaker.

Teyonna Lofton

Resources to Inspire Students

Educators and volunteer business advisors play a key role in the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, but what really drives our competitors is their entrepreneurial mindset.

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