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2019 Regional Finalist

Aquatic Purifying

Mission statement: To provide a water cleaning service and filtering net product that is built to last a minimum of 2 years, which won't rip easily, and can catch magnetic materials.

How it works: We envision Aquatic Purifying as a 4-hour cleaning service where a magnetic net is attached to the pipes of factories and other types of facilities that are close to water channels. The magnetic net would be secured around the mouth of outflow pipes and would allow water to go through but trap the debris, keeping the water safe and trash free. This service will contribute to the cleanup of bays and beaches.

Co-founder Ty Chouffet in five words or less! dedicated, determined, creative, artistic, environmentally-focused

Co-founder Malayah Fandino in five words or less! focused, driven, competitive, team-player, leader

Co-founder Eric Galvan in five words or less! creative, ambitious, competitive, driven, sales-oriented

  • Ty ChouffetAge 16
  • Malayah FandinoAge 17
  • Eric GalvanAge 17