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Awaken Alarm Clock

Mission statement: Awaken alarm clock allows you to be yourself at home and wake up on the right foot every day.

How it works: Awaken is a physical alarm clock that's bluetooth-enabled and has four wheels on it for rolling away. Awaken has a mini screen in the center for a weather display and it is travel-sized. The night before you can set your snooze time, and the next morning when the alarm goes off you'll attempt to press snooze the alarm clock will roll away due to its motion sense forcing you to physically get up to chase the alarm clock. Once you chase it you will be fully awake and ready to start your day. Then you can turn the alarm clock into a bluetooth speaker. Last But Not Least! Awaken also has downloadable alarm times and provides a weather display so you can be ready to start your day.

CEO and Founder Teyonna Lofton in five words or less! I am black excellence.

  • Teyonna LoftonAge 17